Hex and Ascii Tables for iPhone and iPod Touch

‘Hex and Ascii Tables’ for iPhone┬« and iPod touch┬« provides a great reference to programmers and electronics engineers.

The HEX screen shows all 16 hexadecimal numbers and their corresponding decimal and binary representations.

The ASCII screen shows the 128 ASCII codes with references to both their hex and decimal values.

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Live-Link IP Telemetry System with Power Over Ethernet (PoE)

Live-LinkThe Live-Link IP Telemetry System with Power Over Ethernet (PoE) was developed to enable high speed global telemetry using existing networking infrustructure. The Live Link module connects to a standard or PoE network switch, and to your sensors. It then monitors the sensors and sends their status to a web server. Authorised users connect to the web server to see the status of their system.

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In System Programming Software
for Atmel’s AT89S51, AT89S52, AT89S53 and AT89S8252 Microcontrollers.

AEC Electronics In-System Programming (ISP) Software enables a PC to program Atmel’s AT89S microcontrollers while soldered in onto the PCB. A simple 5-way cable (that you can easily make yourself) is connected between the PC’s printer port and the target hardware. This DOS program is small (zipped to around 50KB) and fast. Programming algorithms have been optimised so that programing time is not machine dependent. These routines have been re-engineered to be even faster by only programming bytes that need programming. So, if a small program change is required during devepolment (and the device is not erased before re-programming), programming can be a fast as program verification!

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