Making Encryption Simple

Have you ever wondered if your product needs some form of Encryption, and then dismissed it as too hard? Encryption is one of those things that most people know the basic principle of: to protect information, but know little else beyond that. It seems to be a topic that is held in a similar realm to the data that it attempts to protect, indecipherable. However, encryption does not have to be as difficult and complicated as this, true the math’s behind a good encryption algorithm is very complicated, but a full understanding of that is only required by the mathematicians and cryptologists that develop and analyse new encryption algorithms. With a good understanding of requirements and issues, an effective Encryption system can be developed to solve your problem.

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Written by: James Glasgow, Electronics Engineer, AEC Electronics

James Glasgow graduated as an Electronics Engineer from the University of Canterbury. He worked at a company who specialised in developing encrypted communications systems before joining AEC Electronics in May 2005. James role at AEC Electronics as a hardware engineer is in the development of leading edge avionics communications equipment.

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