Non Disclosure Agreement

In order for us to provide you with a quote or estimation, we will need to discuss your project. This can be done with or without a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) or Confidentiality Agreement. We can provide you with an NDA, or you can send us yours to consider. If you want to send us an NDA, we recommend that: 1) your NDA is mutual (as we will be providing you with proprietary information), 2) your NDA should not have a clause resticting us from making copies of confidential information during normal business activities (as almost all information is stored electronically and is regularly backed up), and 3) there is no clause assigning intellectual property to you (we are happy to address this issue during the contract stage, but not before we know the details of the project).

Discussions and Proposal

Once we have discussed your project or idea and have a clear understanding of your requirements and specifications, we will provide you with a proposal. Our contracts are either Time and Materials, or Fixed Price. We do not undertake projects on a 100% royalty basis (ie no consultancy fee). We will detail the steps we need go through to deliver your design (this varies from project to project).

Further Discussion

At this point we often discuss various options. For example: Should we design in some future options in order to get some additional field testing time? What is the cost / benefit of this?

Final Proposal and Purchace Order

When we are both happy with the scope of the project and have agreed on the terms of business, we finalise the quote, you send us a purchase order, and we begin development.

Progress Reports

We will provide you with updates during the development stage. All our clients with Time and Materials projects receive a weekly month-to-date report showing the amount of time we have spent on each job, and any materials expenses. (This is not provided on fixed-price contracts).

Doing Business from another Region

We regularly do business with clients and suppliers throughout the world. Drawings, schematics, specifications, 3D models, and other documentation are easily sent by email. Parts and prototypes can be freighted quickly. Phone calls and conference calls as used as required. We have run a number of projects without face-to-face meetings. The times when they are most useful (but not essential) is at the start of a project during the development of the requirements and specification, and at the end during integration and commissioning.

“AEC Electronics enabled us to bring new technology to the Gas Fire industry. They supplied design expertise that enabled us to get to market in a very short time frame and provide features never before offered to gas fire users.”

Nigel Bamford, escea, Dunedin, NZ

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