Flightcell Pro


The Flightcell Pro, designed and developed for Flightcell International, is the interface that lets a user connect virtually any communication or audio device through to their headset or helmet to enable simultaneous hands-free communication in an aircraft or any high-noise environment. The latest model includes an interactive menu and LCD panel providing quick and easy access to all of the features. Flightcell Pro can interface virtually any communications or audio device:

• Cellphones: compatible with nearly all cellphone models

• Satellite phones: Flightcell Pro is optimized for the Iridium 9505 and 9505A satellite phones, and can be used with other models.

• Hand-held transceivers: You can connect and operate aviation and non-aviation radios through your headset.

• Audio recorders and cameras

• Other audio sources: Connect your iPod or CD/MP3 player, a laptop computer or other specialised audio recording or monitoring equipment.

“Flightcell International Ltd develops and exports innovative and unique communications equipment to the US and other markets. We contract product development to AEC Electronics, which provides high-quality and flexible engineering resource to meet our varying R&D requirements”

Jim Mace, Flightcell International, Nelson, NZ

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