Flightcell DZM


The Flightcell DZM is the only multi-link communications hub for global satellite phone, tactical radio, and cell phone communications, with GPS asset tracking capability.  The strength of the DZM is that is has the ability to integrate virtually any portable communications device into an aircraft or vehicle intercom system, providing all crew members with global point-to-point communications.

The DZM is rack mounted in the avionics racks in an aircraft cockpit.

We developed the DZM for Flightcell International, and provide ongoing support for product improvement through our Continous Product Development service.

“Flightcell International Ltd develops and exports innovative and unique communications equipment to the US and other markets. We contract product development to AEC Electronics, which provides high-quality and flexible engineering resource to meet our varying R&D requirements”

Jim Mace, Flightcell International, Nelson, NZ

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