C2000 Watercooler

C2000 Water Maker

The Water Master C2000 Water Maker developed by Water Master, is an office water cooler that makes all its own water from air. It extracts water from the air, filters it and then sterilises it to an extremely high degree using Ozone. Laboratory reports have shown the water quality to be extremely high with water purity comparable with distilled water. AEC Electronics has been involved in the design and development of the Electronic Control and Communication System since 2000. This includes the development of PC software for monitoring and optimising the performance of the machine.


Flightcell 2Go!

The Flightcell 2Go! was developed for Flightcell International. It connects a cellphone through to an aviation headset with amplified, stereo sound and EMI sheilding for quality audio communications.

Flightcel 2Go! Features:

• Portable & battery powered, works independently of aircraft systems
• Auto-on mode – simply plug and fly
• EMI immunity for GSM and Nextel (iDen) phones
• LED battery and talk/stand-by indicator

“Flightcell International Ltd develops and exports innovative and unique communications equipment to the US and other markets. We contract product development to AEC Electronics, which provides high-quality and flexible engineering resource to meet our varying R&D requirements”

Jim Mace, Flightcell International, Nelson, NZ

Fragrance Dispenser


Ecomist Systems has developed electronically controlled dispensers for specially designed, ozone friendly, aerosols for Insect Control, Odour Control, and Aroma/Fragrance dispensing. AEC Electronics was contracted to design hardware and write software for their low cost, high volume model of dispenser.


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