Camera Flash Controller

Strobe Controller

Skyline Enterprises is a major tourism operator in New Zealand. They have a number of photography systems throughout their facilities that require flash lighting to fill in shots as the ambient light changes during the day, and to enable photos to be taken at night.

Studio Strobe lights could not be used because of their low lamp life, and low flash rate. This strobe controller was developed for Skyline Enterprises to enable them to use Entertainment Strobe lights which have both long lamp life and high flash rates. The controller receives a signal to take a photo, then triggers the camera, and the strobe lights. Up to 8 strobe lights can be connected.

“AEC Electronics have provided Skyline Enterprises Ltd with a first class level of service and support in the design and development of our custom photography equipment. The finished products were delivered in a timely manner and to a high standard of quality”

Skyline Enterprises Ltd, Queenstown, NZ

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