7 ways to turbo-charge your project

Every product developer would love everyone involved in their project to have the same level of drive and excitement about the project as what they do. Imagine – everybody thinking 24/7 about how they can make the project better, get to market faster, at lower cost, with more features… OK, so this may be a dream that rarely comes true, but this paper discusses 7 keys that will help improve even the best of teams.

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Written by: Graham Pronk-Jones, Managing Director, AEC Electroincs

Graham Pronk-Jones founded AEC Electronics in 1997 with a vision to provide top quality electronics engineering design services to companies developing new products. Graham has worked with a number of clients working on a range of products including domestic appliances, industrial telemetry equipment, avionics communication systems, and GPS dataloggers. Graham has worked closely with a wide range of product development companies, suppliers and manufacturers to bring new designs to market in very short time-frames. Graham shares the keys from his experiences in this series: “Secrets of Successful Product Development”.

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