7 ways to survive product failure

Nobody likes product failure, but it is a reality. Having a good system for tracking, quantifying, and categorising faults is essential for a number of reasons. Firstly, the system provides information on how to improve the product and helps prioritise and justify design changes. Secondly, the system will help maintain an objective analysis of the technical issues at hand by giving quantitative performance reports – it is critical to maintain confidence in your product in the face of emotional comments from unhappy customers.

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Written by: Graham Pronk-Jones, Managing Director, AEC Electronics

Graham Pronk-Jones founded AEC Electronics in 1997 with a vision to provide top quality electronics engineering design services to companies developing new products. Graham has worked with a number of clients working on a range of products including domestic appliances, industrial telemetry equipment, avionics communication systems, and GPS dataloggers. Graham has worked closely with a wide range of product development companies, suppliers and manufacturers to bring new designs to market in very short time-frames. Graham shares the keys from his experiences in this series: “Secrets of Successful Product Development”.

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