7 simple steps for selecting a suitable design company

You have a great product idea! You have identified a need within a market, and and have established a viable electronics based product that will meet the need. But how do you turn that product into a potential moneymaker while adhering to your time and budget constraints? The first step is by chosing the electronics design company that best suits your needs.

Choosing the right electronics company to design and develop your product is an important step that could be the difference between you getting your product to market on time, or costing you additional time and money you can’t afford to spend. There are many options available so a lot of thought and research are required in deciding who is the best option for you.

The following steps will guide you in the right direction with regards to what to look for in making that important decision.

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Written by: Fraser Costley, Project Manager, AEC Electronics

Fraser Costley joined AEC Electronics in 2006 as a project manager after managing an international teacher recruitment agency. His educational background is in business managment and marketing, which he studied at the University of Canterbury.

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