5 ways to speed your product through Electrical Safety Testing

Before your appliance can be sold, it must have government approval. To get approval you must have an electrical safety compliance report from an accredited laboratory. The lab will test to an official ‘safety standard’ document.

You can avoid hold-ups, and smooth your product’s way through electrical safety testing by preparing a few things before submitting your product to the laboratory. The product submitted for testing is expected to be complete and ready for sale. This article lists five things that are often overlooked and which could delay the issuing of the report that you urgently need.

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Written by: John McKirdy, Electronics Engineer, AEC Electronics.

John McKirdy has three years experience as an electrical safety compliance engineer at an accredited test lab. Testing experience includes products for leading edge New Zealand manufacturers and also for major Australian and New Zealand importers. He now designs electronic hardware for new products. He is available for consultation on electrical safety testing of any electrical appliance.

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